School Building

The School Campus

Class Room

The class rooms of the school both junior & senior section is very spacious, with enough air & sunlight.


Keeping safety measure as a priority, the school laboratory is equipped with the most modern apparatus for Physics, Chemistry & Biology individually. It has the facility of 40 students doing their study in the lab at a time.

Audio Visual Room

With an accommodation facility of around 45 students, the AV room equipped with LCD projection & Good Audio quality. The sitting arrangements like a conference table, the students get the opportunity of taking down notes if needed.

beachwood vision

Central Lawn

Aesthetic and Multi-Activity Platform

Central Stage

Platform for Budding Performers


With the most modern facilities & with a collection of huge number of books, both for reference & borrowing the school library possess one of the best collection libraries in the area.

I.T Room

Students get the facilities using the most up to dated configured computers in 1:1 situation. Individual care is taken for all the students in the I.T Lab. The Lab has the facility to accommodate 45 students in individual cabinets


There are two blocks of Hostel for the students from distance place to stay & study. Block A- comprising of accommodation for 60 students & 10 staff with attached play ground & surrounded by greenery for fresh breath. Block B which is under construction will be complete in near future, with the facilities for accommodation of 200 students & 15 staff.

Football Ground

Large ground with paved paths and tiled benches around it

Basketball Court

International size court with viewers gallery

Kids Park

Joy rides with trees to provide round the year shade.