Beachwood School is a New Generation co-education English medium Nursery to Class-X school affiliated to CISCE, New Delhi. We at Beachwood School nurture and nourishes each child so that he/she grows physically, mentally, intellectually & spiritually. The child will have strength of character, would be aware of his environment and society and will grow up to make a positive contribution through his deed and action…

Beachwood School- established on August 2004 , inaugurated by Shri  Bansa Gopal Chowdhury, MIC, Higher & Technical Education and Chairperson, Asansol Durgapur Development Authority. Today the school is a full-fledged Day School  10th standard, with a total strength of 450 students & staff..

We emphasize on balanced development of a child. Emotional & social skill development was considered more important than intellectual development to match the ever changing global perspective. The school believes that a balanced mix of knowledge, skills and attitude would help our students to succeed in the future life tomorrow. So, it is our aim to set a strong foundation for the development of skills that is necessary for the survival, growth and excellence…


To produce global citizens of tomorrow; physically fit, morally upright, intellectually bright and socially adept.


Global Outlook

Being CompetitiveWe will always be competitive by
Goal DrivenBeing driven by specific targets
Career OrientationBuilding a career
Creative & InnovativeExperimenting to arrive at new ways and means
Physical FitnessBeing physically fit to accept challenges
EnergeticBeing energetic to accomplish goals
DynamicBeing dynamic to change with times
Performance DrivenAchieving specific targets
Continuous ImprovementMaking small but gradual improvements
Participating in competitionsParticipating in competitions to bring out the best in ourselves
Accepting ChallengesAccepting challenges and not being afraid of them
RewardsAccepting rewards for the performance, goals achieved
Being ExpressiveWe will always be expressive in
Global languageAlways speak English in all our communications within the organization
Knowledge & SkillsDesiring to acquiring knowledge and skills
ConfidenceConfidently expressing ourselves
EnthusiasmBeing enthusiastic
PassionBeing passionate about whatever we do
GrowingAlways have the feeling of growing / progressing
Co-operationCo-operating with others to achieve goals
SmartnessBe smart to take timely and considerate decisions
Tours & ExcursionsWilling to go for tours & excursions to expose ourselves
All-round DevelopmentWorking for our all-round development


HonestyBeing honest as far as practicable
SimplicityBeing simple to understand, straight forward
TransparencyBeing absolutely clear (zero vagueness, no hidden agenda)
DevotionDevoted to the work assigned
ImageProjecting image as per our values
TrustTrusting others and being trust-worthy
FairnessBeing fair in all the dealings
SincerityBeing sincere to the work assigned and the people
LoyaltyBeing loyal to the organization
OpennessOpen to give & receive feedback
Inter-personal RelationshipsReflecting all values in our relationships

Shared Ownership

Hard work (Effort)Putting effort for achieving goals
Learn-abilityBeing able to learn anew to complete work assigned
CommitmentCommitting oneself to the work, people and organisation
Team-workShed strong individuality to contribute to team's output
AccountabilityBeing accountable for the work assigned
EncouragementEncouraging oneself and others to complete work assigned
Employee EmpowermentGiving power and freedom to people to complete jobs in best possible manner
Independence- Same as above -
Co-ordinationSeeking help from others and also be of help to others
SharingSharing ideas and resources with others for achieving the goals
CommunicationCommunicating - both verbal & non verbal - explicitly
ThoughtfulThinking before taking decisions
DisciplineFollowing rules and regulations (changing instead of disobeying)
Being an ExampleLeading by example rather than sermons